What is Safe Distancing?

Safe Distancing is a software system that, using artificial intelligence algorithms, allows measuring the distance between two or more people captured by a video camera.

The goal of this software is to monitor specific areas of interest (indoor or outdoor locations) and report any anomalies if the minimum safety distance between people is not respected.

With Safe Distancing, it is possible to ensure people’s safety by avoiding potential risks of contagion from Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the virus that has strongly affected us in recent weeks.

How does it work?

Safe Distancing can process the video stream captured by a camera and activate real-time auditory or visual notifications if the interpersonal safety distance is not respected.

With Safe Distancing, you can, for example, monitor people in a waiting line (outside a store, in front of a food bank, in front of the coffee vending machine, etc.) or gatherings of multiple people in the same surveilled video area, receiving a notification when the minimum safety distance is not respected.

Safe Distancing also allows saving an electronic log with all detected anomalies, accessible at any time via the cloud through any web browser.

Where can I use Safe Distancing?

Safe Distancing is suitable for monitoring both outdoor environments, such as squares, public gardens, beach resorts, and indoor environments, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, or industrial warehouses.

Safe Distancing is ready to use and is available in various hardware/software configurations.

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