Marco Vernier, CEO of Eye-Tech, was recently featured in an exciting interview by Klasse Uno Network, during which behind-the-scenes insights and the company’s perspectives in the field of artificial intelligence were revealed. Eye-Tech stands as one of the most dynamic and innovative entities in the region, significantly contributing to the development of future digital solutions.

The “Local Voices” project is an initiative aimed at supporting and highlighting local businesses, with the goal of narrating their stories, overcoming challenges, bringing innovations, and presenting future prospects. In a time when sharing success stories can serve as inspiration and a model for all, this project acts as a privileged platform to showcase the talent and ingenuity of local entrepreneurial entities.

During the interview, Vernier emphasized Eye-Tech’s commitment to providing cutting-edge digital solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence to data analysis, offering local businesses advanced tools to enhance operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

The solutions proposed by Eye-Tech are not only an example of technological innovation but also serve as valuable support for local businesses, making a tangible contribution to the economic growth of the region.

The interviews, available on the official Klasse Uno Network website, are widely shared through the organization’s social channels and broadcast on prestigious radio stations such as Radio Birikina, Bellla & Monella, and Sorrriso, further amplifying the reach and inspiration of the stories told.

The podcast of the interview with our CEO Marco Vernier is available at the following link: https://www.klasseuno.it/podcast/marco-vernier-eye-tech-srl/