What is HoloD?

HoloD is an application for smartglass devices, designed to enable designers or decorators to furnish the interiors of any space (a home, a shop, etc.) in a practical and innovative way using Mixed Reality technology. This technology allows the visualization of real objects (tables, kitchens, chairs, etc.) as 3D holograms.

HoloD, in addition to enabling the visualization of virtual objects in reality, allows interaction with the holograms, moving them in the surrounding space or animating them with specific commands (gestures, voice commands, etc.).


How does HoloD work?

HoloD is based on a cloud infrastructure where the interior designer can upload their 3D models (such as furniture) and view them directly through the smartglass viewer.

Among its various features, HoloD also allows real-time sharing of the 3D model among multiple devices, giving the user the ability to interact with the model by moving and manipulating it in the real surrounding space (for example, an empty room).

Application Scenarios

Interior design is undoubtedly one of the main application areas of HoloD, both for designing new components and for the planning and composition of the furniture for clients.

For example, using HoloD, it’s possible to share the 3D model of a kitchen and place it in the real environment, simulating all interaction possibilities, such as opening a drawer or turning on the stove.


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