The synergy between Eye-Tech and Primalinea has given life to an extraordinary digital project: the Kadmos website, accessible at https://www.kadmos.info/. This platform represents the authoritative voice of the ICM (Institute for Central European Cultural Encounters) in Gorizia, outlining a rich and diverse panorama of the cultural dimensions of Central Europe. Kadmos allows for the digital exploration of the territories of Central Europe, enabling scholars and enthusiasts to access online information provided by the ICM in Gorizia.


Kadmos: A Three-Dimensional Journey into Mitteleuropean Identity

The Kadmos project addresses the reader as a three-dimensional platform:

1) KADMOS STUDIA: The Mitteleuropean Scientific Journal

The Kadmos site serves as a portal for the “Scientific Journal of Mitteleuropean Studies,” offering a digital platform dedicated to scholars and enthusiasts of the mother languages of Central Europe, highlighting minorities and Mitteleuropean culture to a broader audience.

2) KADMOS INFO: The Mitteleuropean Informer

“Kadmos Info” opens windows into the places, stories, futures, and events of Central Europe, starting from the perspective of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Gorizia.

3) ICM PROJECTS: The Network of Transversal Projects

The Kadmos site also serves as a container for the cross-cutting projects promoted by the ICM network, attracting more interest and increasing participation.


Cutting-Edge Technology and Engaging Design

Eye-Tech and Primalinea have embraced the latest technologies to ensure a user experience that meets expectations. The smooth and intuitive navigation on the site, combined with an appealing design, creates a digital environment that captures the essence of Central Europe in a modern and accessible way. Attention to detail, the ability to translate the complexity of cultural dimensions into an accessible and engaging digital format, and the use of advanced technologies make the Kadmos website a successful project. The collaboration between Eye-Tech and Primalinea has exceeded expectations, delivering a portal that not only reflects the ICM’s mission but amplifies its reach through the digital world.


Image Source: https://www.primalinea.net/2021/11/15/icm-gorizia-kadmos-info-la-rivista-plurilingue-online/

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