The food recognition, or Automatic Food Recognition, is an advanced technology that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to automatically identify and classify foods based on their visual characteristics. This innovation finds applications in various areas, from dietary assistance to the analysis of food consumption. Through the use of machine learning algorithms and neural networks, food recognition enables the analysis of images or videos to detect and catalog various types of food. This technology not only simplifies food documentation for those following a specific diet but can also be used in the restaurant industry to optimize processes such as inventory and order management. Food recognition represents a significant step towards the integration of intelligent technological solutions in the food sector, contributing to improving efficiency and precision in daily operations.

What is Automatic Food Recognition?

Automatic Food Recognition is an intelligent system developed by Eye-Tech, based on the deep learning paradigm, allowing automatic recognition of foods in a photo, for example, taken with a smartphone. The system uses state-of-the-art neural networks which, after a training phase, can correctly recognize about 70,000 out of 75,000 evaluated images (over 90%).

How can it be used?

The entire system is cloud-based. This flexibility allows it to be used on both smartphone or tablet devices and PC and embedded platforms.

Application Scenarios

Automatic Food Recognition can be used in various application areas that require food recognition, both for personal purposes such as monitoring a diet and for industrial purposes such as quality control of production processes or, for example, automatic counting of dishes on a tray.

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